Spirit Kids School Fundraising Program


Here at Spirit Kids, we want to ensure that our awareness business supports initiatives that matter to us and the families and children we serve. That includes our local schools as they help promote and sponsor awareness events like Orange Shirt Day (every Child Matters), Pink Shirt Day (Anti-Bullying)  and Rowan's Law (Concussion Awareness).

Who is eligible?

School leaders can participate in our fundraising program by promoting the store to parents and children in their school.

If you represent a school, and your role is one of the following, you can apply on behalf of your school to be part of the program:

  • Principal
  • Vice Principal
  • Teacher (can apply but we will require approval from your school's principal or vice principal)


Teachers, students or parents or any interested party can suggest a school and we will reach out to your school's leadership. Use this link:


Who is eligible

The program is currently open to schools in Canada. If your school is outside this area, you can email us your interest, and we will advise when we open the program to schools in your country. 

Once registered in the program, you will get a custom link like the following example to share at your school:


We will also provide a QR code that can be used in your school newsletter or on its website that links to the custom web address we provide to your school. 

How much can my school earn?

We will donate 15% of every purchase attributed to a school if they are registered in our affiliate program.


  • If your school sold 100 t-shirts at $21.95 each, your school would receive funds of $329.25. 
  • If your school's link sold 100 combo packs (3 t-shirts) at $62.95 each, your school would receive donated funds of $944.25.

How to Apply

To become part of the program, APPLY HERE.
If you are a school administrator, you can also simply email your name, school's name, and phone and email contact info as follows. Email Kay Walker at: kay@spiritkids.ca

Kay will respond with a custom link and advise when you have been activated.

You must be a representative of the school to register with us. Applicants will be verified.

What happens when my school is approved?

You will receive a custom web address and promotional assets to share with students and parents. All purchases made through that link your school promotes will receive 15% of all sales (net of sales tax and shipping).

Ship to Schools
We will can optionally offer shoppers to ship their products they buy to your school for distribution to students (and their parents) and staff (if applicable). They get free shipping and this makes buying products more affordable and increases sales that your school raises funds from.  Ask us for more details on this after you are approved.

Have questions?
Email Kay Walker at kay@spiritkids.ca.