A Message From Our Founder

Dear awesome parent,

Have you been in this situation before?

It’s the night before a special awareness day at your kid’s school, like Anti-Bullying Awareness, Every Child Matters, or Rowan’s Law, and you haven't had time to get them a shirt. So now you’re out the night before hunting for the right coloured shirt in the right size so your kid can show their spirit and participate in the awareness day with their fellow students. 

There you are at a local store after work, sifting through shirts alongside a group of other parents doing the same. And because so many other parents are there, you can’t seem to find the right size or colour, and there aren’t many options left. 

Or, maybe like me, you’ve reached for that last orange shirt in your kid’s size at the same time as one of their classmate's parents (this is a true story!). You are quick, and you beat them by a second, and it’s yours. But it is a victory that's a bit empty. You get the struggle. 

Parents have too much to juggle, and so do kids and the staff at schools. Even with multiple reminders, it’s easy to forget to pick up a shirt for the week’s spirit days. And with so many, it’s not easy to keep track. 

At the same time, we want our kids to be self-aware and show their spirit and participate. And they want to join in the fun too! There is nothing more deflating when your kid comes home and reminds you, “I was supposed to wear a purple shirt today.” 

Spirit Kids makes it easy for parents and kids to celebrate their school’s awareness days with affordable t-shirts and t-shirt packs for schools that support your child’s school. For every shirt sold, on our site we donate $1 to an organization affiliated with the cause. 

We also partner with schools. If you purchase through your child's school, the school gets %15 to put towards school supplies and equipment, fundraising initiatives for the year. 

Make your life easier and help each of your school-aged children critical values like self-awareness, inclusion, and celebration.

Share your story with me or ask a question. I'd love to hear from you.

Kay Walker

President CEO SpiritKids.ca